Popular Tennis Player Rod Laver

Rod Laver

Rod Laver was born in Australia and was considered the best player of his times. Laver was at World No. 1 rank for seven consecutive years, which is still a record to be broken. He won all the four Grand Slam titles as an amateur player and then won them all again as a professional player. He is the only one in the tennis history to have done this.

Rod Laver was not a huge player, thus power game wasn’t his thing. However, he developed amazing volley and a perfect serve to cover for that. His topspin shots were considered deadliest. His wrist work with attacking topspin and lobs was among his most lethal weapons. Technically, Laver was perfect- he had developed a huge variety of serve and attaching topspin lobs. He was also amazing at controlling the slice.

When the Open Era began, Laver was the first one to win Wimbledon by beating tony Roche. In 1969, he won 18 singles tournaments out of 32 that he participated. His win loss record at that time was 106-16, which is amazing no matter how you see it. When he turned 30, he continued winning at an impressive 80% win record. Laver has a career win percentage of 80 which is just amazing considering ATP only lists 20 titles while he won another 180 before the Open Era.

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