Popular Tennis Player Patrick Proisy

Patrick Proisy

Famous former French professional tennis player Patrick Proisy was born in the Evreux which is present in Eure on September 10 1949. In terms of height, he was not a very tall tennis player as compared to the other tennis player of his era like Andres Gimeno. His height was 5 feet and 11 inches, but he has an active body because of his less weight. The weight of Proisy was only 70 KG’s that helped him a lot in achieving some great goals as a professional tennis player. He was a right handed player who started playing tennis as a professional in the year of 1968.

The Patrick Proisy was best remembered for reaching the final of one of the most popular tournaments of tennis which is known as the French Open. He did this in the year of 1972. In this tournament he was defeated by a Spanish tennis player known as Andres Gimeno. He loses this final in the four sets and the score of this match was 6-4, 3-6, 1-6 and 1-6. In the year of 1976, he reached another final. This tournament was held in Florence. Some other single titles which were won by Patrick Proisy are title in the Hilversum in the year of 1977 and another title in 1972 which was held in Australia Perth. The best ranking which he had achieved, as a professional tennis player is world no. 10 which he got in 1972. Patrick Proisy retired from the professional tennis in the year of 1981.

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