Popular Tennis Player Nikola Pillic

Nikola Pillic

Born on the 27th of August in the year 1939, Niki Pillic is professionally called as Nikola Pillic in the tennis world. The player has retired as a Croatian player who has also competed for the SFR Yugoslavia. Nikola took part in junior tennis tournaments from the year 1952. When he became thirteen, he started practicing on the clay courts of the Firule tennis club instead of concentrating on his shipbuilding studies in the streamlined high school situated in Split. After completing his graduation, he got himself registered at a community college, but since he did not meet the criteria, he was not selected. After this he studied administration.

During his professional career, he was considered among the Handsome Eight which was a group of players formed by Lamar Hunt in the year 1968. In 1970, Nikola and his partner Pierre Barthes won the Men’s doubles in the US Open after defeating the Australian players Rod Laver and John Newcombe by four sets. In 1973, he gave his best performance in the Grand Slam tournaments in which he reached the finals of the French Cup however; he lost the match against IIie Nastase. Nikola was banned by the Yugoslavia Tennis Federation in 1973 which was on the basis of Pillic refusing to represent them in the Davis Cup against New Zealand in the same month. Nikola was suspended for one month from the Wimbledon Championships. After his retirement, he started coaching and managed to become the very first captain to make his team win the Davis Cup. He is in alliance with the team of Serbia Davis Cup as an advisor from the year 2007 and has also won the Davis Cup title in 2010.

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