Popular Tennis Player Lewis Hoad

Lewis Hoad

Lewis Alan Hoad, born in 1934, was a popular tennis player from Australia. He became a professional tennis player in 1957. However, he was recognized in the tennis world way before making his professional debut. He was top ranked among amateur players before he entered the professional tier of the game. He won 5 singles titles in Grand Slam while 7 doubles titles in his career. He performed well in mixed doubles as he won a title in French Open.

Lewis Hoad was part of four Davis Cup winning Australian teams from 1952 to 1956. He also played a series of 27 matches against Poncho Gonzales winning 18 matches. However, Gonzales was a better player as he won 51 matches in total against Lewis while Lewis only managed to win 36 matches in total.

He faced problems with his back and left the professional game due to back injury. After retirement, he moved to Spain with his wife, who was a tennis player at that time. He operated an executive tennis resort for next 30 years of his life. His charming personality made his resort an instant hit among celebrities and movie stars.

He died in 1994 after suffering from leukemia. He waited for a bone marrow donor but couldn’t wait enough. He had a heart attack during the time and it proved to be lethal. During his life, he also wrote a book, co-authored by his lifelong friend.

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