Popular Tennis Player Kathy Jordan

Popular Tennis Player Kathy JordanKathryn Jordan was born in Pennsylvania, United States on December 3rd, 1959. In the 1970’s, she was among the top juniors and was also a high school basketball player. She received the athletic scholarship in 1978 through Stanford University after which she won the AIAW Championships both in single and doubles titles with her sister Barbara Jordan. Junior Jordan also won the women’s titles at the Australian Open in the year 1979.

Kathy Jordan started her professional career in the year 1979 and her career best performance was recorded in the Grand Slam Tournament in which she was the runner-up in the Australian Open held in 1983.she was also the first player to beat Chris Evert prior to the semi finals of the Grand Slam singles. Jordan also won five titles in the Grand Slam in which four titles were achieved by partnering with Anne Smith. Her career in the women’s doubles in the Grand Slam was a record which includes the French Open in 1980, the US Open in 1981, the Wimbledon championship in 1980 and 1985 as well as the Australian open in the year 1981. In the 1985 Wimbledon tournament Jordan teamed up with Elizabeth Smylie and won matches against Pam Shriver and Navratilova. The mixed doubles record of Kathy Jordan includes 2 titles at the Grand Slam which includes the Wimbledon (1986) and the French Open (1986). Both the tournaments were won in partnership with Ken Flach. Her career is full of various awards and high rankings after which she took retirement in the year 1991.

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