Popular Tennis Player John McEnroe

John McEnroe

John McEnroe was an immensely popular player in his days. Not only that, he is considered among the best tennis players of all times. He won seven Grand Slam titles in his career, including four US Open and three Wimbledon titles. He also won season ending championships for eight times, setting a record. He won five WCT and three Masters Grand Pix titles to set the record.

John McEnroe started playing professional tennis in 1978. From the very beginning of his career, he faced tough rivals such as Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg, and Ivan Lendl. Despite his ability to play awesome tennis on any day, he lost his first Wimbledon final to Bjorn Borg. However, McEnroe became an instant hit with media and tennis fans after his performance was called the best in Wimbledon history despite losing. ESPN called it the best final in the history of the tournament.

McEnroe was known for his deceptive service. He was powerful and a sound technician that made his service impossible to handle. His execution was also among his strengths as he became deadly with his volley. He adapted continental style of play that had disappeared because of high level of skill required to play volley and running shots. McEnroe perfected it during his career.

McEnroe was also a wonderful doubles player as he quickly gained reputation for being the best doubles player to have ever lived. He kept World No. 1 spot in doubles for 257 weeks, which is a record. His team with Peter Fleming was impeccable as the duo won 57 doubles titles together.

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