Popular Tennis Player John Marks

John Marks

John M. P. Marks, the former tennis player was born in Sydney, Australia on December 9, 1952.John Marks was unable to win any singles titles in his entire career however his best match was the Australian Open in 1978 where he was the runner-up after losing to Argentina’s Guillermo Vilas. He was also the runner up in the Sydney Outdoor championship in 1975 where he lost to his country fellowman Ross Case. It was the same year when Marks began to be known in the world of tennis; however the span of his player life was rather short as soon after five years he announced retirement.

He won 7 doubles titles in his career and reached the world’s single tennis ranking of no 63 in 1978 after the defeat in the Australian Open. Marks was also first runner up in the US Opens in 1977 and 1979 Along with being the second runner up in the French Opens and Wimbledon in 1978. Marks won the first doubles titles in 1975 paired with his partner Mark Edmondson, followed by three titles in 1977, in which he paired with Edmondson, John Bartlett and Chris Kachel. He also won one doubles title in 1978 playing with his partner Edmondson again, whereas the other two doubles titles won in 1979 were played alongside Edmondson too. Marks was always paired with the player of his own country in every major doubles match that he played in his career, with a majority being with Marks Edmondson.

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