Popular Tennis Player Jack Kramer

Jack Kramer

There are some tennis players who have lasting impact even decades after they depart the tennis arena. Their charisma, charm, skills and consistency are kept alive by those who precede them via various retellings as well as forms of recognition. One such player is Jack Kramer. Representing the United States of America back in the 1940s, it is no wonder that Jack Kramer is well remembered even more than six decades later. The athlete was certainly one of a kind; he owes to his name the merit of being awarded champion at 9 Grand Slam titles. Three of these were single titles, which he claimed in 1947 at Wimbledon and in both 1946 and 1947 at the US Open. The remaining titles were double titles, and accordingly Kramer emerged victorious at Wimbledon in 1946 and 1947 and at the US Open in 1940, 1941, 1943 and 1947.

Jack Kramer maintained the number 1 title in the World Rankings for several years. Yet he is distinguished from all those who have also held the title for a very pivotal reason. This tennis star advocated professional tours like none other, and is hence hailed by many as the Father of professional tennis. His right handed serve and forehand used to be a threat for all his opponents, and are remembered to this day owing to their sheer brilliance and excellence. There is no doubt that Jack Kramer today remains unparalleled in terms of tennis perfection and is hence an inspiration for all those aspiring to be professional tennis athletes one day.

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