Popular Tennis Player Gabriela Sabatini

Gabriela Sabatini

Gabriela Beatriz Sabatini was born in 1970 in Argentina. She was only 11 when she won Junior Championship, which was held in Caracas. However, this wasn’t her first important victory as she had already impressed tennis critics with her victories in metropolitan and National tournaments. She also won Garros Roland at the age of 14 and became world number 1 in junior rankings. She entered the Grand Slam race in 1988 but only managed a Silver medal. However, she made her come back the next year to win a Grand Slam title. She was coached by famous Carlos Kirmayr that year. Unfortunately, it proved to be her only Grand Slam title.

She won her second Masters in 1994. The next year proved to be her last title-winning year as she beat Lindsay. She played her farewell tournament in Zurich. She was given a farewell party at famous Madison Square, New York.

Overall, Gabriela Sabatini clinched 27 titles in her career. She also made to semi finals in Australian Open three times in her career. She also reached the semi-finals for three consecutive times in US Open. Due to her achievements, she is remembered as one of the most popular players of her time in the game. She is also considered one of the most charming players in the game’s history, the reason a species of rose was named after her.

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