Popular Tennis Player Ashley Cooper

Ashley Cooper

Countries aim to provide international tennis with the best players possible; they wish to emerge successful in the race with other countries based on which country showcases the best potential, merit, class and consistency. Some countries fluctuate in terms of this provision, at times providing the world with a star athlete and at other times completely disappearing from the international arena. Other countries, however, remain sufficiently consistent; they make sure that their players keep dominating the sport, allowing that sport to be seen as a trademark of that particular country. One such country that has never failed to provide star performers in the arena of tennis isAustralia. Whether in current times or decades ago, Australian athletes have made sure that they consistently dominate the tennis arena with their skill and might. One such athlete is Ashley Cooper, who dominated the tennis arena in late 1950s and early 1960s.

1958 provided Ashley Cooper with a feat that only he would remember for the remainder of his life, but the entire world that witnessed also. He became one of the only ten men to date to win three Grand Slams of the four held in a year, namely the British, American and Australian Championships. Even at the fourth championship of the year, which was the French Championships, he departed the tournament as a semi finalist. These laurels rightfully landed him into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1991, one of the many other forms of recognition he has received for his accolades and achievements.

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