Popular Tennis Player Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe

Arthur Robert Ashe was born in Virginia in 1943. He was a late starter and entered the professional game at the age of 26. However, his hard work soon rewarded him as he became the first Afro American to represent US as a part of a tennis team. He represented his country in Davis  Cup in 1963. Despite being a late bloomer, he achieved plenty of fame and housed number of titles. He won a total of 33 singles titles, which included 3 Grand Slam titles.

Arthur worked on the technical side of his game as he kept winning title after title. In 1975, he won Wimbledon title and WCT Championship finals. However, late 70s were not happy years for him as he faced a critical cardiac problem. Most blamed him for harsh training methods that he was using despite his aging body’s refusal to it. He finally retired after leaving behind a story of pure hard work and sheer determination. He opened up the gate for Afro Americans.

Arthur served the sport after his retirement in his own way. He wrote for Time magazine and joined ABC sports as a pundit. He also founded National Junior tennis League after his retirement. However, he was stopped by his cardiac problem once again in 1983. He had to undergo his second cardiac surgery immediately. He died in the same year but it wasn’t due to his cardiac problem but HIV pneumonia killed him to surprise many.  His daughter was only 6 months old at that time. Arthur’s family kept his disease a secret for long but Arthur did talk about it in his last days telling people how blood transfusion can put them in the same problem.

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