Popular Tennis Player Althea Gibson

Althea Gibson

In the world of sports, there are players who owe all their recognition and achievements to the category of sports only. They are superstars due to their immensely great skills at a particular sport and are acknowledged in terms of their perfection at that sport. People remember them long after they stage an exit from the sport because they set a benchmark in terms of the skills displayed within the confines of that sport. Yet there are other athletes who rise on the popularity chart owing to not only their displayed skills at a particular sport, but also a certain feature of their personality that makes them stand out clearly in a vast group of other athletes. One such player who comes to mind is Althea Gibson. Hailing from the United States of America, she played a significantly pivotal sociall role that set the backdrop for allowing skin colour barriers in the tennis arena to be broken.

Althea Gibson owes to her name the extremely laudable achievement of being the first African-American woman to compete in the international tennis circuit and win a Grand Slam tournament in 1956. She went on to win 4 more tournaments, two each in 1957 and 1958, and there is hence no doubt of the class and merit of this star athlete. In her lifetime, she was awarded with several forms of acknowledgement, yet the acknowledgement that she deserves the most is that of making the world let go of the colour barrier. Certainly, the William sisters, amongst a lot of other athletes, owe a lot to Althea Gibson.

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