Popular Tennis Player Alberto Berastegul

Alberto Berastegul

Alberto Berasetegul is a born tennis player and started playing tennis at the age of 7. He is a former tennis player from Spain and was born on June 28, 1973 in Bilbao Spain. He was a European Junior Champion in 1991 and later in the same year he entered his professional tennis career and soon he built his strong reputation on tours as an exceptional player on clay courts.

In his beginning years he won his first top level men’s single title in 1993 and kept on showing his passion for tennis. Within a short span of time, he reached 9 finals in 1994 and won 7 out of them. He also qualified for Grand Slam final at French Open where he got defeated by Sergi Bruguera.

In his tennis career, he won 14 single titles and 1 double title and his unique style of holding tennis racket made him superior. He was recognized for his western grip of the tennis racket which he could move for both forehand and backhand shots from the same side of his tennis racket. He won his last singles title in Estoril in 1998 after which he faced constant decline because of his health issues.

His career did not last for long as he faced early wrist injuries and unknown originated cramps on long matches but he showed a tremendous performance in his short journey of professional tennis. He finally got retired from his professional tennis in 2001.

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