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Tennis is among those sports which have been around in varying forms since 5th century B.C. The monks were the first to initiate this game. They used to play in monastery courtyards with sticks in their hands bating wooden-ball in to and fro pattern. It was during middle ages when royalty adopted the real tennis. The term tennis was coined by the Royal families of that time. It is derived from French terminology Tenez meaning ‘here you are or here catch’. With the beginning of open era in 1968, men’s tennis had been a considerably rivalries enchanting matches as well as seemingly flawless players.

With the passage of time, this game changed greatly featuring racket technology and variable standards of player fitness for the game. It’s quite difficult to figure out a single player as the best player of all the time. However, Roger Federer is recognized as the best male tennis-player in the modern tennis history. If you are looking to know about top tennis players, this content will be helpful for you. Find interesting information about top tennis players below.

The name of the Swiss star Roger Federer sparkles at the top of any page listing the best tennis players. He has been sixteen-time Grand Slam winner & 6-time ATP World Tour Finals winner His versatile game had won him all-four grand slams involving; 4 Australian Open, 5- U.S. Open, 6 Wimbledon and French Open title as well. In 2009, he has been successful in capturing the first Roland Garros appellation for him. He is the only player having distinction of reaching every Grand Slam final 5 times at least. Pete Sampras is another famous tennis player. He won 14 Grand Slams with five U.S Open, 7 Wimbledon and 2 Australian Open titles. He comes to play with collected and calm demeanor that has been a reason of his domination for years. Rafael Nadal comes next in top player listing. He is recognized as the best clay-court player of all time capturing 7 French Open titles. He won 11 titles with all four Grand Slams. For providing an outstanding performance in Beijing Games held in 2008, he was awarded with a coveted Olympic Gold Medal. He has maintained head-to-head inscribe against other top player of tennis.

Rod Laver is an eleven-time Grand Slam title holder. Laver has been dominated in the time of 1960s. He won the French Open, Australian Open, U.S. Open and the Wimbledon twice in 1962 & 1969. The honor of accomplishing such an endeavor in the open era only goes to him. The list can be further extended to Bjorn Borg. Although has a short career, yet he has many remarkable accomplishments. He captured 11 Grand Slam with 6 at Roland Garros. He had been unbeatable in the events he performed. He would have made many other marvelous achievements if didn’t get retire at 25 years of age. No doubt, all these players did great job and are worth mentioning.  Every player contributes to the game in his own unique style.

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