How to serve like Roger Federer?

How to serve like Roger Federer?

Famous and greatest male tennis player Roger Federer, the tennis king, has one of the best serves in the game of tennis. Roger’s serve is pretty much like the legendary tennis player Peter Sampras. His serve is powerful, accurate and deceptive to read. Overall, Roger’s serve is very simple, but his vision and consistency give a devastating edge to his serve. Here are the tips to serve like Roger Federer:

1)      Use the continental grip to hold your racquet as it will give you a natural arm motion

2)      Place yourself 2 feet on the baseline from the center notch.

3)      Stand in a position with your feet shoulder-width apart and parallel to the baseline. Now shift your back foot in such a way that its toes come even with the heel of your front shoe.

4)      Now put your weight on your front foot. Bounce the ball few times and on the last bounce move your racquet with a slow swing forwards.

5)      Now toss the ball into air while keeping your arm straight.

6)      Raise your arms as the ball goes into the air in a way that the arms come in line with the upper body and should move with the same speed. With this, keep your racquet at an angle of 90-degree so that the racquet points straight at the sky along with facing down on the baseline.

7)      As the ball goes on to the top of its arc, explode the ball and hit with full force.

Remember folks! Federer depended on his serve which eventually led him to win 16 Grand Slams. So work on your serve and no one would be able to stop you from winning!

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