How to play tennis like Steffi Graf?

How to play tennis like Steffi Graf?

If you brush up on your tennis history, you would never be able to ignore the famous and greatest female tennis player Steffi Graf. She won 22 major events, which is second only to the 24 slam wins of one of the best female players Margaret Court. At the end of her career, Steffi’s match record stood at 902-115. She is the only person to win the Golden Slam and Olympic gold medal. After reading such a grand profile of Steffi, you would surely want to play like her. You might not be able to win the 22 Grand Slams with these tips, but you will surely get a drift of her game. Here is how Steffi Graf plays tennis:

1)      Famous female tennis player Steffi mostly used a slice backhand in most of her matches. Graf used to hit over the ball only in her attempt to pass the opponent at the net. The benefit of slice shot is that once it is hit correctly, it neutralizes the fast rally and stays low. The slice shot also skids off the ground which forces the opponent to hit the ball up. Steffi used this skill to her big forehand advantage. Use this slice skill to your advantage as mostly players have problems with low balls.

2)      Graf had a monstrous forehand that made her a threat for opponents. If you are a recreational player, there is a chance that you might have a better forehand. In you do have a good forehand, capitalize on it.

3)      You need to work consistently on the things you don’t do well in tennis. For example, Graf lacked the backhand drive and volley when she first came on to the court. Steffi Graf then worked on these skills in order to enhance them and won Wimbledon seven times.

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