Greatest tennis rivalries: Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams

Greatest tennis rivalries: Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams

A bond of family love and honor is now on a test in the tennis circuit. The formidable journey of William Sisters has put the flag of United States high in the skies of tennis world and holds an honorable position in the world tennis circuit.

Imagining a rivalry taking birth from inside the family tied with the blood relation, is itself a contest worth notable in terms of their world class game skills, devotion and solid uncontested career. Facing each other 23 times, goes in favor of Serena Williams who is leading the battle 13-10, and her lead becomes dominant in Grand Slams as she has the pretty one sided lead of 6-2 in her favor.

The thing which makes them unique and uncontesting with others is that they have been mostly facing each other in the Grand Slams which itself is one high achievement and shows the high class skills and repute of both the sisters. Both former world champions are also leading the table in doubles and are seeded no. 1 in double ranks. Venus Williams is leading the numbers in career titles which are 43 as compared to Serena William’s 37 titles. They are both inarguably the best ever female double players in the history.


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  1. Rafael Antonio Lopes 24 July 2012 at 12:20 pm #

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