Greatest tennis rivalries: Martina Navratilova vs. Chris Evert

Greatest tennis rivalries: Martina Navratilova vs. Chris Evert

The 15 years rivalry between the greatest female tennis players Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert is considered to be the longest in women’s tennis. Their rivalry became legendary because they met so often in the finals. Navratilova had an ultimate volley and serve whereas Evert had a powerful baseline game plan. Evert and Navratilova played each other 80 times from 1973 to 1988.
 Evert holds the record at the US Open for the record for most wins in the singles competition 101 and she managed to win at least one Grand Slam title each year for 13 consecutive years of her career. 

Navratilova led head-to-head 43-37, including 36-25 finals. Both met each other in 14 Grand Slam finals. Navratilova won the finals 10 out of 14 times. Evert and Navratilova both won the Grand Slams 18 times each. Martina Navratilova holds the open era record for most singles’ titles, 167 and doubles titles 177. She has a record of the longest winning streak in the open era (74 consecutive matches) and three of the six longest winning streaks in the women’s open era. Evert’s career percentage record in singles’ matches of 1,309–146 (90%), is the best of any professional player in tennis history. Some general information about Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova is:



Date of Birth:

December 21, 1954

October 18, 1956


United States

United States


5′ 6″

5 ft 8 inch

Career Singles Titles:



Career Doubles Titles:



Career Prize Money:

$8 million

$21 million

Career record (singles):



Highest ranking (singles):



Career statistic of famous female tennis player, Chris Evert:


Career statistics of famous female tennis player, Martina Navratilova:

Now this is what we call a rivalry. These two players have set such huge benchmarks that no one has been able to reach that mark or even close to it!

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