Greatest tennis rivalries: Ken Rosewall vs. Rod Laver

Greatest tennis rivalries: Ken Rosewall vs. Rod Laver

An Australian rivalry of two great former world no. 1 players, with an unbelievable face to face meeting of a record 141 times, brought an epic victory for Ken Roswall with the lead of  75 -66.

Their rivalry was the trademark of early days of tennis history, with Rosewall turning professional in 1957 and Laver in 1962. And Laver established a unique record of being world number for consecutive seven years in his career.

Both are famous for their sweet friendly rivalry rather than the bitter relation, as both were quiet good friends and another resemblance which makes them friendly rivals are that they both play under the same flag. They both were a long term asset of international tennis circuit as they helped tennis established its foundation.

Rosewall was popular for his powerful backhand, and contrary to that he always lacked in the strong serve, the lack of which he adjusted by his untiring stamina and fast reflections. He was nicknamed as “Muscles” by his circuit players. While Laver was famous with his nick as “The Rocket”, their rivalry was not given applause as of their friendship out of court, given that they were not even recorded by the time of their retirement as to who is leading head to head.

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