Former World No.1 professional tennis player Marcelo Rios

Marcelo Rios

Marcelo Rios is a former World No. 1 tennis player from Chile, born in 1975. He was nicknamed El Chino. H claimed top position on ATP tennis rankings in 1998, making him the fist Latin American to enjoy such high ranking. He held this top position for six weeks.

Marcelo Rios won Hamburg, Rome, and Monte Carlo after the new format for clay court Masters Series was introduced. His victory in all the three Masters made him the first player to achieve this. He was ranked World No. 1 without winning any Grand Slam title at all. He is the only person in Open Era to have claimed World No. 1 spot without winning a Grand Slam title throughout the career although he did win other 18 titles. However, he did make to finals in Australian Open but lost to Petr Korda.

Rios has been subject to number of controversies, which affected his personality as a tennis player negatively. He was unable to justify these controversies. He retired early because of these controversies and back injury that made it difficult for him to play tennis. Former World No.1 professional tennis player Marcelo Rios is still remembered in the field of Tennis for his talent. His unique record makes him important in Tennis records.

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