Famous Tennis Player Zina Garrison

Zina Garrison

Zina Garrison was born on the 16th of November, 1963 in the city of Houston, Texas. The tennis player started her professional career from the United States. She got married to Willard Jackson in 1989 but, it ended with a divorce in the year 1997. After retirement, Garrison performed her duties as a commentator on television an also played a very active role in tennis communities as well. The Zina Garrison Foundation for the Homeless was established in the year 1988 after which she also became the member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. The Zina Garrison All Court Tennis Program was also founded in 1992 in Houston which supported inter-city tennis tournaments.

The tennis player started playing at an early age of 10 and her success as a junior player soon led her to establish a professional career. She won the National Girls 18s title at the age of 14. She also won the US Open and the Wimbledon Championship junior titles after which she was ranked on the top position among the world players. In 1982 she started her professional career during which she won 20 doubles title and 14 singles top level titles. Her career highlight was the Wimbledon Championship of 1990. The player defeated the French open champion Monica Seles in the quarter final matches as well as the world’s No. 1 tennis player Steffi Graf in the semi final matches which led her to the singles final of the Grand Slam. Her career high ranking was No. 4 in the singles matches and retired from the tennis world in the year 1996.

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