Famous Tennis Player Vera Zconareva

Vera Zconareva

Vera Zconareva remained Russia’s No. 1 female player for many years. She also remained World No. 2 during 2010 and 2011 season. She has won three Grand Slam titles in doubles and mixed doubles. She also won singles titles.
Vera’s career started with a blast as she won the famous Moscow tournament in 2000. She beat Elena Bovina in the final to become the Russian Champion. She also won ITF tournament held in Florida the same year. She won WTA tournament in 2004. This was a special tournament for her as she was included in World Top 10 the same year. However, she had a poor 2005 when she lost in the first round in almost every tournament she participated. She also lost all the rival matches during the year. She then faced carpal injury which put her career at risk. However, she recovered from the injury quickly and won bronze medal in Beijing Olympics in 2008. She also won Fed Cup with her team and maintained Russian No. 2 position for the entire 2010. She is expected to make good progress during the coming years since she has huge potential and she is still to fulfill most of the expectation at international level. She is still considered as one of the best Tennis players from her own era.

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