Famous Tennis Player Tony Trabert

Tony Trabert

Tony Trabert’s actual name is Marion Anthony Trabert, born on August 16th, 1930 in Cincinnati, Ohio. It wouldn’t be surprising if we call Tony Trabert “Jack of all trades master of none”. He was an outstanding basketball player in his university life and simultaneously he practiced tennis with great passion. He started his tennis career in early 1950’s and soon in 1955 he was recognized as an only American player who won 3 tournaments in Amateur Tennis in Wimbledon, American and French Championship and was ranked as World’s no.1 in Amateur Tennis for that year. In his tennis career he won 5 singles titles and 5 doubles titles and in 1 doubles title he ended up as a runner up.

Trabert won Davis Cup for his country finally after fighting for it several times in 1954. On the whole, Trabert won 18 tournaments in 1955 which was comprised of 113 matches out of which he won 106 and faced 7 losses. After his successful start in Amateur Tennis, he professionally entered tennis in 1956 and in the beginning he faced a hard time against Pancho Gonzales. Later in 1956 he defeated Gonzales for French Pro Championship and whitewashed Frank Sedgman in 1959 for the same title.

After his retirement he served sports industry with his extra ordinary talents of writing as tennis Author. He infused passion for tennis in young player served as an instructor and commentator later in his retirement life and finally in 2004 he announced his retirement from broadcasting while commentating in London at Wimbledon Championships. He was selected and ranked among 21 great players in 1979 by another great tennis player Jack Kramer in his autobiography. 

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