Famous Tennis Player Roscoe Tanner

Roscoe Tanner

Leonard Roscoe Tanner is an ace tennis star of the late 70’s. Born in Chattanooga Tennessee on 15 Oct, 1951, Tanner, the shorter of the two brothers’ stand at a height of 6 feet or 183 cm and is known for his left handed play. Tanner started his career from 1970 when he beat Haroon Rahim to win the USA Amateur Championships in men’s tennis, however it was in 1972 when Tanner became to be considered as a pro when he bagged in the 1972 NCAA doubles and received the All American honors in Stanford.

Tanner’s career expands from 1970 to 1985 when he announced retirement. He received 16 titles in his men’s single plays, whereas 13 titles were received in the men’s doubles category throughout his career. The zenith of his tennis career was reached on the 30th of July in 1979 when he was rated as World’s number 4 tennis player in the men’s single category whereas he also reached the highest 14th number point in the men’s doubles category in 1977.

Tanner won the men’s singles titles two times in the year 1974, twice in 1975, four times in 1976, twice in 1977 including the grand slam, twice in 1978 and 79 and single titles in 1980 and 1981. Similarly the men’s doubles titles were won once in 1973, 5 times in 1974, once in 1975, 5 times again in 1976 and once in 1978. Tanner has also been popular for the legal records and problems that he faced including a two year imprisonment as well.

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