Famous Tennis Player Mal Anderson

Mal Anderson

Former top class Australian tennis player Malcolm James Anderson better known as Mal Anderson was born on March 3, 1935 in the city of Theodore, which is present in the Queensland near the Rockhampton. He was the right handed tennis player, and he started playing tennis as a rookie in his hometown when he was only eight years old and when at the age of sixteen he started thinking to pursue tennis as a professional career. Then, he turned into a professional tennis player in the year of 1958.  Statistic wise, the two best seasons of the Mal Anderson were 1957 and 1958, when he got the world no. 2 ranking two times as an amateur tennis player.

The Mal Anderson won the US Championships in 1957, when no one was expecting this kind top notch performance from him. Before winning these championships, he was an unseen tennis player. But after this achievement he became one of the most popular Australian tennis players of his time. In the same year, Anderson had qualified for the semi-finals of the Australian Championships. He is also the winner of the doubles French Championship of 1957. His partner was another Australian tennis player named as Ashley Cooper. The Mal Anderson was also the finalist of the both United States Championships and Australian Championships in the year of 1958. He loses both these finals to his former partner Cooper. In the recognition of the unforgettable services to lawn tennis, on 3rd June 1972, he named as a “Member of Order of the Empire of British.

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