Famous Tennis Player John Sadri

John Sadri

Famous Tennis Player John Sadri was born on 19th of September 1956; He turned professional in 1976 and retired from professional tennis in 1987. At 6’2”, he had one of the most feared serves of his time. He was a right-hander with a single fisted backhand. He was part of one of the greatest NCAA tennis final in the history of American college Tennis. He lost to One Mr. John McEnroe, who went on to be one of the legendry tennis players of all times. He served 24 aces in that match, displaying the fearsome serving ability, which made him a dangerous opponent for any player.

He reached the career best Australian Open final in 1979, where he lost to Guillermo Villas in 3 sets. He was known as a bit of firebrand because of his fiery temperature. He was fined once when he supposedly used obscene language with the officials and hitting the icebox with his racket. He reached his highest ranking of world No 14 in September of 1980. He went on to reach the men’s doubles finals of Australian Open for two years in a row in 1981 and in 1982. Unfortunately, he ended up losing on both occasions. He also reached the quarterfinal of Wimbledon in 1984, where he lost to eventual champion John McEnroe. He won a total of two singles and three doubles titles in his career. He has recently opened a tennis academy in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is transferring his experience to a new generation of tennis players.

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