Famous Tennis Player John Newcombe

 John Newcombe

Australia is one country that has never failed to provide the world with the best athletes in the arena of tennis. Australian tennis players always boast of tremendous potential, and are not only brilliant in their game but also consistent in their performances. Amongst the huge throng of such players, one exceptionally talented player is John Newcombe. Hailing from the town of Sydney, the accolades of this athlete are remembered and praised still decades after his exit from international tennis. Victorious at the Australian Open 5 times and at the French Open 3 times, Newcombe is certainly truly deserving of all the recognition he has been showered with. In fact, awards cannot do justice to the class and ability of this Australian tennis star. He also went on to win Wimbledon 6 times and the US Open 3 times. Such figures are a testament to the perfection of John Newcombe as not only a star performer, but also more importantly a very consistent one.

Overall, this athlete won 26 Grand Slam tournaments, an embodiment of his perfection at the sport he loved like none other. He now runs a Tennis Academy in Texas, wishing to impart his insight and abilities on those young aspiring athletes wishing to follow in his footsteps. John Newcombe is truly a living legend, and a reminder of the fact that every once in a while, there are certain players who outclass all others in terms of their treatment of the game, the abilities they display, and the consistency that they play with.

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