Famous Tennis Player Jan Kodes

Jan Kodes

Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia on the 1st of March, 1946, Jan Kodes is a famous right-handed tennis player who has the title to achieve three titles of Grand Slam in the early years of 1970’s. Kodes was an outstanding ground stroker. Although, he volleyed quite well but, he was still disdainful about the grass after showing extraordinary skills by defeating John Newcombe in the first round of the US Open tournament. This was an unforgettable victory for Jan Kodes. He was a super hero for his countrymen especially when he refused his country which faced recession periods for a very long time.

In his entire career, his greatest achievements are associated with his victory in the French Open clay courts. The Title was won in the year 1970 after defeating Zeljko Franulovic in the finals of the tournament. Moreover, he also defeated IIie Nastase in the year 1971 in the finals of the same tournament. The year 1973 marked his success in the Wimbledon tournament on grass however; almost 81 players and about 13 among the 16 top players did not attend the tournament. The reason was to support the boycott in lifting the ban from Nikola Pilic imposed by ILTF after the Wimbledon. Kodes also dedicatedly played the Davis Cup for about 15 years and was also counted among the top 20 players. Kodes never participated in the Australian Open tournament but became a runner-up twice in the US Open. In addition to his three major victories, Jan Kodes won 9 singles titles and 17 doubles titles. In the year 1971 and 1973, Jan was added among the World’s Top ten players which is his greatest achievement.

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