Famous Tennis Player Henri Leconte

Henri Leconte

Henri Leconte, Famous French Tennis player,  was born on July 4, 1963. He is amongst the earlier French professional and highly skilled Tennis Players who was retired in this sport in the year 1996. Henry entered the world of tennis in the year 1981 when he won the French open junior title.  He was qualified and became professional in the same year. Following this, he gained success in achieving career doubles title at Bologna in 1981 and his top-level single title in Stockholm in 1982. Following these achievements, Henri Leconte reached two Gram Slam singles at the Wimbledon and French Open in 1986. With this, Leconte received the number 5 in the world’s ranking of career-high singles.

In addition to all this, Henry won various championships throughout his life. For instance, he won the tennis championship in Sweden in 1982, Germany in 1984, France in 1985, Australia in 1985, Switzerland and Germany in 1986, Belgium in 1988 and Germany in 1983. Apart from this, he also won many double finals tournaments in Italy in 1981, in France in 1982, in Switzerland and Austria in 1982, in France in 1983, in Paris, Austria and Sweden in 1984, in France in 1988 and in United States in 1993. Furthermore, he received the award of title as the French sportsmen of the year in 1991. In addition to this, he even won the award of ATP comeback player of the year in 1992.  Henri Leconte also won the master series finals tournament in 1992 held in Indian Wells.

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