Famous Tennis Player Chris O’Neil

Chris O'Neil

Chris O’Neil known as Christine O’Neil by birth was born in Australia on the 19th of March in the year 1956. The professional tennis player started her career as an Australian player and has made many achievements in her entire career. Being a serve volleyer, Chris O’Neil was also referred to be the last Australian lady to attain the national title which emerged from many odds after giving an upset by defeating Betsy Nagelson of the United States by two sets at Kooyong in the year 1978.

Her career high rankings took place in 2978 in which she was ranked to be the 80th professional tennis player among the world players. Moreover, her memorable victories include her participation in the Australian Open held in 1978. The tournament marked Chris O’Neil as the only Australian woman to be the winner of the tournament. She was also awarded to become the very first unseeded lady who won the Australian title during the Open era. The record was unbroken until the 2007 Australian Open tournament in which Serena Williams, who was ranked to be 81st world player won the final match. N the other hand, the tennis player is also counted among the few players who have succeeded to win both the Juniors title of the Australian Open held in 1973 as well as the Senior title of the same championship in the year 1978. In 2007, Christine along with her brothers, William and Keith is serving for the Morriset Sports and Tennis Centre situated in New Castle, Australia. After some time, the centre was renamed as O’Neil School of Tennis.

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