Famous Tennis Player Brian Teacher

Brian Teacher

Brian Teacher born on 23rd December 1954 is mostly famous as a very successful tennis coach. What many people do not know is that, this economics graduate from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) was an all star tennis player also. After turning professional in 1976 he went on to reach, a career high ranking of number 7 in the world. He also went on to win a grand slam title also. He won the Australian open in 1980. He is much more famous as the coach of The legendary Andrei Agassi and taking Greg Rusedski from world No 85 to a spot in the top ten players of the world. He also reached the final of US open during this run. His exploits as a coach mixed with the kind of competition that he faced in his playing days means that people do not know much about his playing career.

He won both singles and doubles title in Under 18 age group in 1972 and after that he never looked back. Popular Tennis player Brian Teacher went on to study at UCLA and was an All American tennis player from 1973-1976. Encouraged by his success he decide to turn professional in 1976. Very next year he won his first single title in 1977 and also reached the final of another tournament in Australia. He won his only grand slam in 1980. He was a brilliant serve and volley player and on his day, he could beat the best. He won a total of 8 singles and 16 doubles titles in his career.

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