Famous Tennis Player Andres Gimeno

Andres Gimeno

Former Spanish tennis star Andres Gimeno was born on 3rd August 1937, in one of the most popular city of Spain which is known as Barcelona. His complete name is Andres Gimeno Tolaguera but in the world of tennis, he is better known as “Andres Gimeno”. The biggest plus point of Gimeno is his good height. He was almost 6 feet and 1 inch tall, which was very helpful for him in tossing up some fabulous serves. He was a right handed player and known for his spectacular backhands. He started playing as the professional tennis player in the year of 1960. In this year he got the big achievement when he became the very first Spanish tennis player who won the TorneoGodo cup.

In the same year, he also qualified in the doubles final, but defeated by the Australian pair. Andres qualified in the two grand slam finals which were held in 1969 (Australian Open) and 1972 (French Open). Though he only won the one grand slam which was 1972’s French Open. It is the biggest achievement of his entire professional tennis career. Gimeno also holds the record of world’s oldest tennis player who has won the French Open at the age of thirty four. He also reached the final of the 1969’s Australian Open, but he badly defeated by the Australian player Rod Laver in the three consecutive sets. The career high single ranking of the Andres Gimeno is 9. In his whole career he won the prize money of about twenty five thousand US dollars.

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