Famous Tennis Player Andrei Medvedev

Andrei Medvedev

Andrei Medvedev was born in Kiev, Ukraine, on August 31, 1974 and turned professional in 1991. He comes from a family who is greatly interested and closely tied with this game for a long period; his mother, Svetlana Medvedev being a renowned Ukrainian tennis coach and his step-father Yuri Cherepov used to coach him. Although, he was a great player of his time, the problem encountered by him was that he didn’t have a fondness for tennis. He, at age 8 was forced into this game by his mother, who used to coach him and his sister, Natalie. However, once Medvedev started getting complimentary tennis rackets and other related material he began enjoying this game and said it was ‘Life’ for him. He made a dashing appearance on the international tennis panorama, at the age of 17, by captivating titles in Genoa and Stuttgart. Medvedev’s most thriving tournament was the Hamburg Masters in which he was victorious thrice. He attained a career-high singles grading of World No.4.

By the end of 1990, Medvedev was not in a robust form but luck favoured him and he, out of the blue, reached the final of the 1999 French Open after winning over Pete Sampras and Gustavo Kuerton. The first two sets of the final were won by Mervedev, which he played against Andre Agassi and completed a career Grand Slam. In 1995, he served as Chairman of the ATP Tour Charities, and now subsidises his hometown tennis club with philanthropic contributions.

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