Famous Tennis Player Alexander Metreveli

Alexander Metreveli

Alex Metreveli was born in November 2nd, 1944 in Georgia. He was a famous tennis player during the 1960’s and 1970’s. He was gifted by God with the positive qualities that were bought within him by his previous generations and these values became the basis of his remarkable wins in his career. He turned into a professional tennis player in the year 1968 however, prior to that he has played as an amateur player since 1962. The right-handed batsman retired in the year 1978 and is now presently residing in Moscow, Russia.

Alexander Metreveli is famous for reaching the final match of the Wimbledon tournament in the year 1973 where he was defeated against Jan Kodes, who was a famous player from Czechoslovakia. The memorable tournament registered 13 out of the 16 best players to be absent from the game in the event of supporting the ban on Nikki Pillic on behalf of the Yugoslav Tennis Federation. His career top singles ranked him to be the ninth best player in the world on June 3rd, 1974. In his entire career he won 15 singles titles in which 5 titles were achieved in the Open era and 2 doubles titles. He also reached the semi finals of the Grand Slam tournaments which include Australian Open tournament held in the year 1971 and the French Open tournament in the year 1972. He also managed to reach the quarter finals of the US Open tournament in the year 1974. Alexander Metreveli also became a member of the Dynamo Sports Society. During this course, he also competed in the professional tour tournaments held in the decade of 1970’s.

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