Famous rivalries: John McEnroe vs. Jimmy Connors & Don Budge vs. Gottfried von Cramm

Famous rivalries: John McEnroe vs. Jimmy Connors & Don Budge vs. Gottfried von Cramm

John McEnroe vs. Jimmy Connors

Winning the 1980’s U.S Open in the epic 5th set win of 7-6, after loosing the third set 0-6, was a miraculous come back of one the legendry tennis players i.e. John McEnroe, against the bitter and nerve cracking opponent Jimmy Connors, which forced Jimmy Connors to make the statement “something like that never goes away, especially between Mac and myself”.

The epic battle of bitter rivalry between the two J’s, John and his fellow U.S opponent Jimmy, led the United States tennis flying high on the clouds of victory and honors, thus always giving the spectators a true reward of their money and time in the shape of the utter excitement and the peak of professional tennis. Both the U.S tennis giants met 34 times in the time span of 1977 to 1991, with John McEnroe leading the battle 20-14.

The stirred rivalry has generated few of the greatest matches in the history of the tennis, putting the buzz in the minds of the fans, as to who is better. A question remains unanswered to till date.

Don Budge vs. Gottfried von Cramm

Gottfried Alexander Maximilian Walter Kurt Freiherr von Cramm commonly known on the court as “Baron”,  a German tennis star remained under the stir rivalry of a United States tennis giant and former world no. 1 Don Budge.

The rivalry become the fight for prestige and honor, in a nerve wrecking battle between the two in Davis Cup Final in Wimbledon in 1937, under the shores of the world war and the war of the tennis between the Germany and the United States. In the epic decider, Budge was down and Gottfried von Cramm had the decisive lead of 4-1, but then Budge fought back and won the historical match by 8-6, and sealed the victory for United States.

Budge was famous for his all round game, with the combination of strong volleys, powerful serve and great technique. He turned himself into a world class player and eventually world number one. Gottfried von Cramm had a controversial tennis career filled by imprisonment and other accusations, which reduced his tennis career and quality of game.

Their rivalry was not a rivalry of individuals; instead it turned out to be the rivalry between the two countries which makes it famous and controversial worldwide.


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