Famous male tennis players: Stefan Edberg

Famous male tennis players: Stefan Edberg

Famous Swedish male tennis player Stefan Edberg began his professional tennis career in the junior’s circuit. He won all four junior Grand Slam tournament titles in 1983 to become the first to ever accomplish a “Junior Grand Slam”. By 1984, Edberg was his first top-level men’s singles competition in Milan. He also won in the 1984 Olympic, but received no medals as in that year as the sport was only an “exhibition”.

Stefan Edberg took home his first Grand Slam at the Australian Open. First, he beat one of the greatest tennis players, Mats Wilander to win in 1985 and then, in 1987, he defended his title with a win over Pat Cash on the grass courts. That was the last year for grass at the Australian Open. Then, in 1988, Edberg reached the first of what would be three consecutive Wimbledon men’s finals. There he met best ever tennis player, Boris Becker for the first time on the grass courts and won. The next year, Becker would win and in their third and final meeting, in 1990, Edberg battled back to beat Becker in a five set match. The French Open was the only Grand Slam event that denied Edberg a victory, and prevented him from taking home a “senior” Grand Slam to go with this Junior’s title. His last Grand Slam singles appearances were at the Australian open, a tournament where he’d once enjoyed tremendous success, in both 1992 and 1993.

Stefan Edberg played a fast-paced, hard-driving style of tennis and his game was best suited to fast-playing surfaces. Of his six Grand Slam titles, Stefan Edberg won four on grass (Wimbledon 1988 and 1990 and Australian Open 1985 and 1987) and two on hard courts (US Open 1991 and 1992).

His career accomplishments will certainly earn Stefan a place in tennis history. Those fortunate enough to have witnessed his rise to greatness will never forget this professional Swedish tennis player.

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