Famous female tennis player: Monica Seles

Famous female tennis player: Monica Seles

Famous female tennis player, Monica Seles started her professional career in 1989 and made it to the top ten. She was ranked world’s no. 6 by the end of that year. She gained her first title by beating famous American tennis player, Steffi Graf in 1990 French Open tennis tournament. In all, the Serbian female tennis player, Monica Seles claimed 52 singles titles and no. 1 as her highest ranking. In doubles, she has a highest ranking of 16 and has claimed 6 titles.

In April 1993, while playing a quarterfinal match against Magdalena Maleeva, she was stabbed in the shoulder by Parche an obsessed Steffi Graf fan, cutting her shoulder blades and making a cut 1.5 cm deep. She was leading the match by 6-4 and 4-3.

Monica Seles was taken to the hospital immediately and healed within a few weeks. On interrogation, Parche admitted that he had stabbed Seles so Graf could regain her title. However, the authorities found out that he was psychological problems. Instead of being jailed for the incident, he was put into psychological treatment on a two year probation period.

She did not return to play for 27 months, but finally made her comeback in August 1995 and made it to the top again showing that she is the best female tennis player. Yet she vowed not to play in Germany again as she thought that the punishment given to her attacker was not what he deserved. Although she did not play after the 2003 French Open, due to a foot injury, her official retirement was announced on February 14, 2005.


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