Breath Control in Tennis

by on October 28, 2009
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Breath Control in Tennis, Nadal. Novak, Sharapova and Woznaicki

Breath Control is very important in any sport played that involves aerobic activity. Those playing aggressive tennis will have to deal with breathing patterns changing violently, destroying pulse and synchronization which causes fatigue. It is crucial to practice, learn, and refine techniques to control breathing. Respiration is controlled by the lower brain regions.
Some tips to learn these techniques include:

  • Match breathing with hitting the ball accurately. Breathe in through the nose when the ball comes and breathe out from the mouth until the ball is touched. It will come more naturally with practice.
  • Maintain this breathing method under all circumstances. There is a tendency to hold one’s breathe under pressure but through practice it is possible to oppose this urge. You have to pay attention to your respiration quality.
  • Inhaling must be soft and regular as this maximizes the amount of oxygen and prevents rapid breathing.
  • Exhaling must be powerful and conscious. To hit correct shots, use exhalations as a signal.
  • Your breath should be permanent, sluggish and smooth. Before a difficult match or when you are nervous, focus on your breathing.
  • To moderate breathing, take slow deep breaths for four to six seconds and exhale for six to eight seconds.

Practice these breathing techniques in order to improve your game.

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