Best tennis rivalries: Boris Becker vs. Andre Agassi

Best tennis rivalries: Boris Becker vs. Andre Agassi

If it weren’t for Pete Sampras, Becvker and Agassi could have had a great rivalry. Initially both these players tried to rival Sampras but failed. Later, Agassi and Boris met many times on the court. Both these players had a loyal fan base and natural charisma. The classists loved Becker’s strong serve and rushing on to net while Andre Agassi was known for his ground strokes and flashy wardrobes.

One of the most controversial rivalries was among the two famous male tennis players, Boris Becker and Andre Agassi. Agassi won 60 singles titles in his career, and reached 30 other singles finals. Becker won 49 singles titles and reached 28 other finals. Becker and Agassi met each other 14 times on the ATP tour, including twice at Wimbledon. Agassi leads the table winning 10 of those matches. Both of them had the honor to achieve the career best ranking of World No 1. Becker and Agassi never met in the finals of a Grand Slam tournament, however. Both of these players during the career were often poised by giving controversial statements against each other.



Date of Birth:

April 29, 1970

November 22, 1967


United States



5′ 11″ (180 cm)

6 ft 3 inch

Career Singles Titles:



Career Doubles Titles:



Career Prize Money:

$31 million

$25 million

Career record (singles):



Highest ranking (singles):



Career statistics of Andre Agassi:

Career statistics of Boris Becker:

Not only their rivalry, but Agassi and Boris also had a controversial rivalry due to Boris’s blowing kisses on Shield, who was then seeing Andre Agassi. Agassi has mentioned many interesting stories in his book. Do check out!


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