Best Player at Grass Tennis Court

by on February 27, 2010
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Best Player at Grass Tennis Court, Ivan Lendl

With the highest competition at tennis level, each and every player tries to establish himself/herself as the best surface player. When it comes to clay court, nobody can beat the record of Rafael Nadal for his winning streak of eighty-one consecutive games. But, who is the best grass court player? This is a difficult question as nobody has dominated this court as well as Nadal has dominated the clay court. Probably, the only player who could be said to be best on a grass court is none other than Ivan Lendl who possesses a76% winning record with his 81-25 figures.

Even though, Lendl always criticized grass courts but nobody else has improved their performance on grass court as well as Ivan did. He also held the world record of being number one for 270 weeks which was broken by Pete Sampras later on who was another legend of grass court. The Ivan Lendl’s success came through 95% hard-work and talent and only 5% luck. Even after possessing such a good record on grass court, he never won Wimbledon, the biggest Grand Slam of the grass courts. This is due to the reason that he played in an era when some of the best grass court players like John McEnroe, Stephen Edberg and Boris Becker were also playing.

In the current regime, Roger Federer has clearly dominated the grass court by winning Wimbledon 6 times, consecutively 5 times from 2003-2007 and later winning in 2009. Nadal with this absolutely brilliant clay performance hasn’t been very successful on the grass court. For some Federer fans, Wimbledon is his thing!

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