American male tennis player John Donald Budge

John Donald Budge

Donald Budge was born in California. He reached the rank of World No. 1 as an amateur player. When he started playing professional tennis, he became the world No.1 and stayed there for five years. He won four Grand Slam titles in one year, making him the first American tennis player to do this in game’s history. After Fred Perry, he was the second American to have won all the four Grand Slams in his career.

John Budge wasn’t just a tennis player but an all-round sportsman. He played number of sports before entering tennis as a professional player. He was tall and physically powerful. These physical characteristics helped him to develop a deadly service.

Budge was wonderful in hard courts but found it relatively tough to become that good on grass court. Since courts in California have harder surface, John never trained on grass before entering professional game. However, his hard work rewarded him with wins in men’s doubles, mixed doubles as well as singles in 1937 Wimbledon.

Budge became immensely popular when he defeated Gottfried after being down by 1-4 in the beginning. This Davis Cup victory showed the world that Budge was going to be a very tough competitor. His performance also helped US advance in the tournament, eventually winning it after 12 dry years. Budge was declared Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year for his impeccable performances that year.

Budge won 10 major titles, including six Grand Slam titles and four Pro Slam titles.

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